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Hi NB, I suggest you chop the spinach and green onion and saute' in olive oil with salt and pepper until the spinach is wilted and soft. Spread a think layer in the bolani. Let me know how it turns out - Humaira

Could you please tell me how to make the spinach filling for the spinach bolani?

I made the potatoe and scallion with the tortilla's my kids loved it! Thanks!

Hi Hena - It thrills me to know that a new cook is making my recipes. It makes around eight bolanis. I usually allocated one bolani per person - Humaira

Salam Humaira jan, thank you so much for all these wonderful recipes - i am a new cook and these recipes are working wonders! i had a quick question - how many people does this recipe for potato bolani serve?

Hi Rahul - I am glad you have found my blog. All the recipes on this blog are authentic. If you are interested in making something specific you can let me know otherwise I hope you enjoy the recipes - Humaira

hi there how r u?
well i m chef and i m reading ur blog and recipes i am very found of ur food sepically the kebabs and the rice(biryani, Pualo....) we all know that u are the worlds best in cooking rice hats off. mam or sir i could be gr8 help for me if u can share some good and traditional recipes.
my email add is sagi_aryan_1982@ymail.com
waiting for you reply till than TAKE care and keep cooking amazing food thank you for giving us such a gr8 taste thank you .

i was wondering what the cultural significance of eating this dish is? sounds delicious but i am curious,

wow bolani jan i love Bolani gandana

Salam Samira Jan,
Are you in high school? I am really happy that your bolani turned out well and you received a good grade. Was this for a home economics class? I remember taking home ec in high school, I was still learning English. That was along a time ago. That was my favorite class.


Hi Humaira jan!
Oh this bolani recipe is so good and I searched in internet I found this recipe that is made by you.
I cooked it in my Asignment at my School and my teacher was so happy about this.I had A+ for my asignment in Food and Hospitality subject.
anyway thanx for your help sister jan.
I like to be a friend with you if you want?
I put my email adress at the bottom. Thanx so much

Mmmmm!!! I just made this for my Afghan boyfriend (now fiance'), and it was delicious! His mom told me that you can put anything into these, so I also added some spinach and cooked lentils. I have made so many of your recipes, and they are all wonderful. Thank you again!

Afghans in the US have modified the Bolani recipe to meet their busy lifestyles. For example my mom, Jeja is an amazing cook and sometimes she uses tortillas to make Bolani instead of making it from scratch. We like to highlight the authentic and modified ways of making Afghan food.

Don't think I'm a rude one, but I grew up in Tajikistan and traveled a lot through Afghanistan. It really interesting but I've never heard about a potato Bolani made such in this way.

The more so, using Mexican flat bread and egg rolls:)

Thanks for this helpful recipe!

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for this recipe. I've eaten at De Afghanan Kebob House in Freemont. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. That was where I first had bolani. I thought it was the best thing I have ever tasted.


Sound Ya mi :)

Oh and lets not forget the yogurt dipping sauce!
2 cups plain yogurt
1/2 cucumber shredded
1/2 tbs minced garlic
1/2 tbs salt
1/2 tbs dill (fresh or dry)

My mom uses egg rolls from East Asian stores as a shortcut instead of flour tortillas. They come out nice and crispy and delicious. I would also recommend adding some coriander to the potato mix and using cooking onions instead of green onions. I make a separate batch with just green onions and a little salt and black pepper. Also good substitute for green onions are leeks. There a ton of variations using pumpkin and white radish (which are shredded and cooked before stuffing). Mix it up and have fun!

I've had a spicy version. What is the type of spice is used?

Yes, I have used egg roll wrappers for bite size bolani mostly as an appetizer. I do find that cooking the wrappers is tricky because it can get too crispy. I suggest cooking it on medium heat and keeping a close eye on it and don't overstuff the wrapper.

Humaira Jan,
Have you ever used egg roll wrappers for bolani? They're somewhat smaller but when fried, oh so good!

You right it does require some precision but I don't it's a hard dish to make. The short cuts I suggest makes life much easier. Happy new year too you Shayma Jan.

Humaira, this recipe is a beauty- so difficult to make and needs a lot of precision and time. best wishes, shayma
ps happy new year!

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