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Hi Mariah- I had no idea about Alice Springs. Thank you for sharing. I have travelled around Australia --- a fabulous country. - Humaira

Thank you so much. I am going to an Afghani party and was asked to bring baclava. My daughter and i will bake together. I have made Greek baclava before but this is a nicer recipe. Did you know that Alice Springs where I work is the Afghan capital of Australia, hence the Aussie railroad " the Ghan" and all our camels. A Very proud heritage.

Thanks Sarah. Congratulations on a great success with the Baklava. - Humaira

I was initially scared to make this, for fears it was going to be too difficult, I'd get nervous and completely mess it up! However, I decided to just go for it; I made it for a birthday party and it was a success! Everyone loved it including me! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe. I love the hint of cardamom (my favorite spice) and rose water; adds such a unique flavor. :)

this looks good i wish i could have binner with you.

Thank you very much for reading the blog. I understand nowadays most people buy cook books to read rather than use. So why not browse a cooking blog too.


Thank you Chloe for your kinds words. We are trying to establish a depository of easy but authentic recipes of Afghan food to make it accessible to all who are interested in Afghan people and Afghanistan's cuisine.

I just got done reading all your blog entries. You have created an important resource for Afghan's cuisine, and I can't wait to try out some of the recipes. Living in the Bay Area, I'm also lucky because I can benefit from your list of markets! I've learned a lot, but was still wondering, what is a typical Afghani breakfast?
Thanks, Chloe

I really love this blog, I'm too lazy to try these recipes, but I love reading your posts.
please keep up the good work.

Yes...you add the 2 cups of sugar when you make the syrup. I neglected to include the sugar in the text of the recipe but have since made the change. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Enjoy. Katie

Hi, your baklava looks delicious!
I am not sure if i am reading your recipe correctly or not but it says to mix 1/3 cup of sugar with the walnuts and cardomom etc. What do we do with the other 2 cups? Does that go into the syrup mixture? I want to make these this week but wasnt sure if i read it properly. Thank you.

Hello, on the left hand column 1/2 way down the page we have our subscription to RSS feed field. Just put your email address in there. Thanks for your generous comments.


Is there a way to subscribe to your RSS feed? Thanks!

it's lovely!

baklava is made in bosnia, too. i have a bosnian cookery book that has loads of different patterns for cutting the baklava dough. it's gorgeous.

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