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Hi Fiona - Great to hear from you and thank you for your kind words. You are absolutely right about the cross over of the food between these countries but we should add Turkey, India and Italy to this list. I hope you find wonton dough or something similar. I travelled in Egypt in the 90s but I can't remember if they have dumpling style dishes. If you are not able to find the wonton wrapper you can always make your own dough, roll out it in think slices and cut them in squares. Of course the steaming time will be much longer, perhaps around 15 minutes since a homemade wrapper will probably be much thicker than the wont on dough. Making my own wrapper is way beyond what I am willing to do for a meal, at least not for an every day meal. Keep in touch. - Humaira

Really appreciate this recipe and ALL your unusual recipes Humaira. I love the fact that to me, food from Afghanistan is like an eclectic cross-section of Pakistani, Mongolian, Persian and Arabian flavours. We enjoy recipes that contain pulses, and as long as I can find the wonton dough here in Cairo, dinner's already sorted for tomorrow! Please post more of your deliciously simple recipes.

Caroliine - I hope you are able to make it this weekend. Please let me know how it turns out - Humaira

Oh my, this looks SO good! I made your aushak recipe and absolutely loved it. I know for sure I will love this recipe too! I will make it this weekend actually if I find the time. Thanks for posting this!

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